A Case of jejuno-jejunal intussusception caused by underlying metastatic melanoma


Advocate Lutheran General Hospital


Intussusception in adults is a rare finding with a majority of cases occurring in the pediatric population. It occurs infrequently and its presentation, etiology, and treatment differ from childhood intussusception. When discovered in adults, it raises suspicion for a neoplastic process serving as the pathological lead point. Cross-sectional imaging is the primary study of choice for diagnosis, but at times, a more invasive approach involving an exploratory laparotomy is required posing an increased risk for morbidity and mortality. Here we present a 64-year-old male who was found to have jejunal-jejunal intussusception that was surgically removed with pathology revealing metastatic melanoma as the lead point. This case highlights a unique presentation of a melanoma that was previously eradicated with immunotherapy and now had metastasized to the intestine many years later.



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