Embryonic diapause after IVF


Advocate Aurora Illinois Masonic Medical Center,


Background: A case is presented in which diapause, or implantation which is asynchronous with expected gestational age, is witnessed to have occurred. Since this situation is rarely seen in human reproduction, its implications were examined. Case: A twin IVF pregnancy, of which one was determined to be Trisomy 21, was reduced to a singleton pregnancy. A discrepancy of the twin implantations was identified with imaging. Cesarean delivery for fetal intolerance to labor occurred after an unremarkable pregnancy. Long- term follow-up of the child provided further insights of the presumed diapause pregnancy. Conclusion: With there being long-term follow-up of the patient with the physician provider, the perinatal outcome of the presumed placental diapause, appeared to be minimally affected.



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