Anesthesia care in the interventional neuroradiology suite: An update


Purpose of review:The scope of procedures conducted by neurointerventionalists is expanding quickly, with lacking consensus over the best anesthesia modality. Although the procedures involve all age groups, the interventions may be complex and lengthy and may be provided in hospitals currently not yet familiar with the field. Here we review current literature addressing elective outpatient neurointerventional procedures and aim to provide an update on the management of intervention-specific crises, address special patient populations, and provide key learning points for everyday use in the neurointerventional radiology suite.

Recent findings:Various studies have compared the use of different anesthesia modalities and preinterventional and postinterventional care. Monitored anesthesia care is generally recommended for elderly patients, whereas children are preferably treated with general anesthesia. Additional local anesthesia is beneficial for procedures, such as percutaneous kyphoplasty and vascular access.

Summary:Combining different anesthetic modalities is a valuable approach in the neurointerventional radiology suite. More interventional and patient population-specific studies are needed to improve evidence-based perioperative management.



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