Exploratory mixed-methods study of a primary care-based intervention promoting shared reading during infancy


Advocate Children's Hospital, Advocate Aurora Research Institute


Parent-child "shared" reading can be a rich source of language exposure. Clinic-based programs, notably Reach Out and Read (ROR), are intended to enhance this. However, ROR has been traditionally introduced at 6 months and only recently expanded to younger ages. This study explored efficacy of an intervention delivered during pediatric well visits promoting shared reading prior to 6 months old, in terms of home reading attitudes and routines. The intervention group received children's books and anticipatory guidance about benefits of shared reading, whereas the control group received general age-related anticipatory guidance. Surveys were administered at the child's newborn (pre-intervention) and 6-month (post-intervention) well visits. Significant findings at 6 months included more frequent shared reading ( = .03), greater comfort reading at this age ( = .01), and greater importance attributed to shared reading ( = .04) in the intervention group relative to controls. These support the expansion of early literacy interventions such as ROR into early infancy.



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