Charles Bonnet Syndrome with superimposed delirium


Advocate Lutheran General Hospital


Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) is diagnosed when a patient who is psychiatrically intact experiences visual hallucinations in the setting of significant visual acuity or field loss. The exact pathophysiology of the CBS hallucinations remains largely unknown. The main theories include the deafferentation theory and perceptual release theory. There are suspected neurotransmitters involved, including acetylcholine and dopamine. There is no defined treatment protocol with medication for CBS, but various psychotropic medications have been used with varying degrees of remission of symptoms. This case report describes a 64-year-old male with Charles Bonnet Syndrome in the setting of superimposed delirium. We note the different medications that were trialed to reduce his CBS symptoms and decrease episodes of behavioral disturbances. Clinical features of this rare syndrome with superimposed delirium are summarized in hopes of providing directions for management and future study.



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