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Park Ridge Center, ethics, faith


Park Ridge Center, Park Ridge, IL: The January 1992 issue of "Second Opinion" (ISSN 0890-1570) includes:

  • Initial Comment: On Fine Lines (Martin E. Marty) p. 8
  • Women Sexually Abused as Children: The Spiritual Consequences (L.J. "Tess" Tessier) p. 11
  • Un-titled (a poem) (Jill P. Baumgaertner) p, 24
  • Wholly Responsible for a Part, or Partly Responsible for a Whole? The Concept of Spiritual Care in Nursing (Janet Mayer) p. 26
  • Improving Communication in Health Care: The Uses of Literature (Nancy J. Metzger) p. 57
  • The Case: An Episode of Noncompliance (Kevin Coleman) p. 69
  • Commentary: "Normal" Noncompliance (Arthur W. Frank) p. 72
  • Overview: Can the Patient Speak? (Arthur W. Frank) p. 78
  • "Walking with Each Other": An Interview with Jane D. Wallbrown, p. 83
  • What About the Child? (Sue Martin) p. 95
  • The Child's Right to Know (Elizabeth Noble) p. 99
  • The Manufactured Child (James Tunstead Burtchaell) p. 103
  • Florence Nightingale's Calling (JoAnn G. Widerquist) p. 108
  • Perspective: Be Gentle about Death...and Leave the Balcony Open (Ronald A. Carson) p. 122
  • Reflection: Fathers Day (Jonathan R. Sande) p. 126
  • Issues & Currents: Is Rights-Talk Enough? (Ron Hamel) p. 129


January 1992

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Second opinion: Health, Faith, and Ethics, 1992, V17 N3, January



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