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Park Ridge Center, faith, ethics


Lutheran General Health Care System & Park Ridge Center, Park Ridge, IL: The July 1986 issue of "Second Opinon" (ISSN 0890-1570) includes a focus on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:

  • Initial Comment: Confronting Brute Facts (James P. Wind) p. 7
  • The NICU: Medical Realities (pictorial essay) p. 10
  • Imperiled: A Case Study (William G. Bartholome) p. 12
  • The Best Interests of the Baby (Richard A. McCormick) p. 18
  • Imperiled in the Wilderness (Karen Lebacqz) p. 26
  • Responsibilities to the Imperiled Infant (William G. Bartholome) p. 32
  • The NICU: Family Involvment (pictorial essay) p. 40
  • When Is It Justifiable Not to Treat? (Robert F. Weir) p. 42
  • The NICU: The Providers (pictorial essay) p. 62
  • 77 Days: A Father's Journal (Rex C. Buchanan) p. 64
  • Who Will Lead the Revolution in American Health Care? An Interview with Joseph A. Califano, Jr., p. 92
  • Dimensions of Basic Faith and the Special Traditions (Langdon Gilkey) p. 107
  • Traditions of Healths in Western Culture (Chester R. Burns) p. 120
  • Ethical Issues in Medicine: Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed Perspectives (Lisa Sowle Cahill) p. 138
  • Perspective: Withholding Life Support - The AMA Stance (Cory Franklin) p. 150


July 1986

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Please credit Advocate Aurora Health as the source of this material.

Second opinion: Health, Faith, and Ethics, 1986, V2, July



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