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Park Ridge Center, faith, ethics


Lutheran General Health Care System & Park Ridge Center, Park Ridge, IL: The November 1988 issue of "Second Opinion" (ISSN 0890-1570) features:

  • Initial Comment: What Happened to Suffering? (James P. Wind) p. 8
  • Into the Whirlwind of Suffering: Resistance and Transformation (Donald F. Duclow) p. 10
  • The Death and Dying Movement: Psychologies and the Formation of Culture (Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore) p. 28
  • Beyond Individualism: Bioethics and the Common Good An Interview with Daniel Callahan, p. 52
  • Plague, Piety, and Policy (Courtney S. Campbell) p. 70
  • The Dliemma of Alzheimer's: Valuing Autonomy and Acknowleding Dependence (Stephen Sapp) p. 90
  • On Richard McCormick: Reason and Faith in Post-Vatican II Catholic Ethics (Lisa Sowle Cahill) p. 108
  • Perspective: Surrogate Motherhood and the Marketplace (William F. May) p. 132


November 1988

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Second opinion: Health, Faith, and Ethics, 1988, V9, November



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