Heterotopic triplet pregnancy after clomiphene citrate


Advocate Christ Medical Center


Heterotopic pregnancy is an exceedingly rare condition in which an intrauterine and extrauterine pregnancy coexist. Superfetation refers to the coexistence of 2 or more fetuses of different gestational ages as a result of ovulation, fertilization, and implantation during an ongoing pregnancy. We present a case of heterotopic triplet pregnancy with a difference in gestational age by crown rump length of more than 1 week between the twin intrauterine pregnancy and the singleton tubal ectopic. A 31-year-old gravida 3, para 2002 presented to the emergency department with abdominal pain at 9 weeks 2 days' gestation dated by last menstrual period, consistent with ultrasound. She was discharged home with a diagnosis of ruptured hemorrhagic cyst but returned 4 days later with ruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy measuring 9 weeks' gestation and ongoing twin gestation measuring 10 weeks 1 day. She was taken to the operating room for laparoscopic salpingectomy, and ectopic pregnancy was confirmed on tissue diagnosis. Heterotopic pregnancy presents a diagnostic challenge for obstetricians/gynecologists. Superfetation has never been demonstrably proven in humans but has been suggested in the literature. This report adds to the literature that perhaps superfetation can be artificially induced in humans in the presence of assisted reproductive technologies.

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