Three years of x+y scheduling: Longitudinal assessment of resident and faculty perceptions


Advocate Children's Hospital - Park Ridge


PURPOSE: Five pediatric residency programs implemented true X+Y scheduling in 2018 where residents have continuity clinic in "blocks" rather than half-day per week experiences. We report the impact X+Y scheduling has on pediatric resident and faculty perceptions of patient care and other educational experiences over a three-year timeframe. METHODS: Electronic surveys were sent to residents and faculty of the participating programs prior to implementing X+Y scheduling and annually thereafter (2018 - 2021). Survey questions measured resident and faculty perception of continuity clinic schedule satisfaction and the impact of continuity clinic schedules on inpatient and subspecialty rotations. Data were analyzed using z-tests for proportion differences. RESULTS: 186 residents were sent the survey pre-implementation and 254-289 post-implementation with response rates ranging from 47%-69%. 378- 395 faculty members were sent the survey with response rates ranging from 26%-51%. Statistically significant (p<0.05) sustained perceived improvements over three years with X+Y were seen in outpatient continuity, inpatient workflow, and time for teaching both inpatient and in continuity clinic. CONCLUSIONS: X+Y scheduling can lead to perceived improvements in various aspects of pediatric residency programs. Our study demonstrates these improvements have been sustained over three years in the participating programs. WHAT'S NEW: X+Y scheduling in pediatric residency programs is rather novel and there is a paucity of literature evaluating its use. We report three years of outcome data from the only ACGME-approved pilot of X+Y scheduling in pediatric residency.

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