Pediatricians increase knowledge of neonatal circumcision using


Advocate Children’s Hospital


Objectives: Neonatal circumcision is a common practice. We believe that adverse neonatal circumcision outcomes (ANCOs) may occur owing to a lack of standardized knowledge of circumcision. The goal of this study was to determine if a single tool could provide multiple specialties with increased knowledge of neonatal circumcision.

Methods: The authors used insight from multidisciplinary circumcision providers to build the educational model. It was made available online, and a user survey assessed its usefulness. Knowledge of pediatricians in a teaching hospital was assessed before and after using, and the scores were compared using a paired t-test.

Results: was found to be 95% useful by multidisciplinary users. Pediatricians significantly increased knowledge after using from intake correct answers (18/30, 60%) to exit (23/30, 77%), respectively (p<0.0001).

Conclusion: provides a tool to increase pediatrician knowledge about neonatal circumcision. Future research is indicated to assess if the use of may reduce the incidence of ANCOs.

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