Globe rupture


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Globe rupture, globe laceration, globe perforation, or open globe injuries are forms of ocular trauma that require urgent diagnosis and treatment. Globe rupture is the common term used to describe all potential types of open globe injuries. Two primary mechanisms can disrupt the integrity of the globe - penetration/perforation/laceration and rupture due to blunt force. A penetrating injury is when an object penetrates the eye, but the object does not go all the way through the eye. In these cases, there can be an intraocular foreign body that remains in the eye. If there is an entrance and an exit wound, then this is considered a perforating injury. In the United States, estimated cases of globe rupture are approximately 3 per 100000. Diagnosis of globe rupture is based on history and clinical ophthalmologic examination, typically consisting of the slit lamp and fundoscopic evaluation. Imaging may not be reliable to diagnose a globe rupture but should be obtained as a supplement to the workup. When there is a high index of suspicion, an immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist for evaluation is the recommended course of treatment.

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