No loss of strength after insertional achilles tendon reconstruction with single anchor or double row repair


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Many different types of surgical repair for insertional Achilles tendinosis have been described. Strength after surgery is an essential factor for patient function and satisfaction. A retrospective series of patients that underwent surgery for insertional Achilles tendon surgery were contacted to come in for prospective strength testing, with the tester blinded to the type of surgery performed. Thirty-seven patients came in for testing, 24 with a single anchor repair and 13 with a double row repair. Strength of plantarflexion was tested at 60°/sec and 120°/sec and was compared. First each operative leg was compared to the non-operative leg as a control. Then the percentage change, or symmetry, from the control leg to the operative leg was compared between those with a single anchor and double row repair. Satisfaction was also assessed with a simple questionnaire and compared the types of repair. The results demonstrated there was no statistically significant change in strength after surgery compared to the non-operative leg, and there was no difference in limb symmetry between types of repair. Similarly, there was no difference between the groups in satisfaction. Our study showed that there is, on average, no loss of strength after insertional Achilles tendon surgery at an average follow-up of nearly two years, regardless of type of repair. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: 2.

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