Establishing a quality improvement culture within a large integrated medical-dental health system with a population based focus


Objectives: Quality improvement strategies have been an integral part of healthcare to attain improved care delivery and effective health outcomes. The dental quality initiative improvement (DQII) presented in this manuscript represents a case study of successful implementation of a quality improvement culture within a large integrated-medical-dental health system serving a largely rural population.

Methods: The key elements of DQII included steering committee establishment, definition or dental quality measures and development/implementation of a dental quality analytics dashboard (DQAD) that provides relevant data on dental quality measures. Qualitative metrics were applied to look at the improvement in performance for the various measures relative to quality benchmarks.

Results: DQII facilitated improved oversight of care continuity and provider performance surrounding quality measures at granular and/or institutional level. Improvement associated with care delivery performance relative to benchmarks was observed.

Conclusions: DQII further advanced the quality improvement culture prevalent in our learning healthcare environment with its focus on value-based care delivery. DQII initiative and establishment of DQAD provided ability to track performance in operational care delivery for dental providers in a clinical setting in real time.

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