White Paper AGA: The impact of mental and psychosocial factors on the care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease




Patients with chronic medically complex disorders like inflammatory bowel diseases (BD) often have mental health and psychosocial comorbid conditions. There is growing recognition that factors other than disease pathophysiology impact patients' health and wellbeing. Provision of care that encompasses medical care plus psychosocial, environmental and behavioral interventions to improve health has been termed "whole person care" and may result in achieving highest health value. There now are multiple methods to survey patients and stratify their psychosocial, mental health and environmental risk. Such survey methods are applicable to all types of IBD programs including those at academic medical centers, independent health systems and those based within independent community practice. Once a practice determines that a patient has psychosocial needs, a variety of resources are available for referral or co-management as outlined in this paper. Included in this white paper are examples of psychosocial care that is integrated into IBD practices plus innovative methods that provide remote patient management.



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