Presentation Notes

Poster presentation at 29th Annual Educational Conference and Research Agenda Conference (ACCRAC) March 23-25, 2023; Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.


Abstract: Objective This case report highlights the collaborative benefits of an integrative health care system increasing patient satisfaction and improved outcomes for a usual chiropractic patient presentation.

Clinical Features: A 42-year-old female presented to the clinic with pain and paresthesia in the left lateral cervical spine, left posterior shoulder, and left lateral arm into the left ring finger.

Interventions and Outcomes: Three visits of chiropractic care using cervical distraction techniques occurred to improve function and passive ROM of the cervical spine. Referral for MRI ordered, and subsequent orthopedic spine consultation with surgical removal of broad-based disc osteophyte complex. This surgical intervention resulted in elimination of radicular symptoms and posterior neck pain two weeks post-op. Six-week post-op resulted in no extremity pain, decreased shoulder pain and soreness, bilateral 5/5 upper extremity strength, sensation grossly intact, no lifting restrictions. The patient reported positive outcomes and the efficiency of the handling of her case.

Conclusion: Efficient health care processes within an integrative health care system, including patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes.






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