Presentation Notes

Faculty Development tool presented at Most Difficult Teaching Case Conference series during 2021-2022 for preceptors to guide the preparation of their sites (and themselves) for learners.


Teaching learners in clinical sites is exciting, rewarding and can be time consuming. Site preparation and learner orientation facilitates a quicker transition in allowing the learner to become a member of the medical team. Studies show that without orientation, learners take about 2 weeks to work out how to function. Investing in a brief orientation can prevent frustrations, inefficiencies and inaccurate assumptions – for the preceptor, the learner, patients, and staff - while establishing a strong relationship to promote learner growth.

This faculty development tool is divided in 4 sections: (1) Staff - Pre-Learner Arrival; (2) Facilities; (3) Preceptor Readiness to Teach; (4) Orienting the Learner including introductions, focus, plan for experience/rotation, responsibility for learning, feedback, and professionalism. Response has been overwhelmingly positive to this evidence-based, updated edition and it is included in mailings to all preceptors when a learner is assigned.


Oral/Podium Presentation




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