Point-of-care ultrasonography in Ukraine: A survey of anesthesiologists-intensivists participating in ultrasonography courses


Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center


Purpose:Despite the potential value of point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) in resource-limited environments, it is not widely used in low- and middle-income countries compared with high-income countries. We sought to evaluate the current POCUS practice of Ukrainian anesthesiologists who attended POCUS courses to guide future POCUS training in Ukraine.

Methods:We conducted a 25-question web-based survey. It was distributed to 255 participants of POCUS courses held in Ukraine in 2023. The survey sections described current POCUS practice, perception of POCUS value, POCUS skills self-assessment, and perceived barriers to implementing POCUS in clinical practice.

Results:Two hundred and forty-four out of 255 course participants completed the survey, representing 214 unique respondents. Those who self-rated their skills identified themselves as either novices or beginners in areas of POCUS knowledge (118/157, 75%), image acquisition (110/158, 70%), image interpretation (117/158, 74%), and integration into clinical decision-making (105/155, 68%). Among all survey responders, 55% (118/214) reported using POCUS for vascular access procedures, 45% (97/214) for trauma assessment, and 44% (93/214) for regional anesthesia. Reported barriers to POCUS implementation included lack of ultrasound devices (101/214, 47%) and lack of trained faculty (112/214, 52%).

Conclusion:Among anesthesiologists who participated in POCUS courses in Ukraine, the majority were in early stages of ultrasound practice. Respondents identified POCUS applications not currently practiced and evaluated barriers to POCUS use. Based upon these survey findings, we propose the following measures in Ukraine: 1) developing a standardized national POCUS curriculum; 2) increasing the number of experienced instructors of POCUS; and 3) acquiring ultrasound devices to support clinical applications of POCUS, especially in the Central, Southern, and Eastern regions.



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