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Education infographic created as part of statewide faculty development collaborative.


Teaching in the Patient's Presence (TIPP) is 3-step ambulatory focused clinical teaching approach for preceptors to increase their direct observation of learners in the clinical setting while actively involving the patient. In contrast to having the learner present the patient "outside the room", the learner present to the preceptor in front of the patient. The patient is asked if there are any omissions or corrections. And then the learner and the patient can both be asked "What concerns you most?" After the preceptor provides their expert input (differential, corrections, diagnosis), the patient can be asked if there are any final questions. To be effective, prior to entering the exam room, in 90 seconds the preceptor should orient the learner to the patient, identify key tasks, etc. After exiting the room, the preceptor and learner debrief.


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