Presentation Notes

Platform and Poster presenter at AIAMC Annual Meeting; March 26, 2022. New Orleans.

Award Information

1 of 3 highest rated abstracts submitted to 2022 AIAMC Annual Meeting in New Orleans



The Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers (AIAMC) create and implement real-world, sustainable solutions that equip our members to thrive in the ever-changing regulatory and accreditation environment. Through an array of program offerings ranging from 18-month National Initiatives (NI) to virtual webinars, book clubs, and annual conferences, the AIAMC seeks to promote learning resulting in actionable innovations. Yet as a non-profit professional organization, it is imperative to determine which activities yield the highest value of our organization.

Hypothesis/Aim Statement

Our purpose was to design a data dashboard that yields data to purposively maximize the alignment of AIAMC’s program activities and outcomes with the AIAMC’s goals and resources as we “reimagine health care learning that increases the value of membership.”


A program committee was convened composed primarily of current or past AIAMC board members, program committee and NI chairs and staff in 2019. The committee’s primary focus was on creating and piloting a sustainable data dashboard of AIAMC programs mapped using our strategic plan by value metrics. We began by creating a list of existing activity and the tools used to evaluate the programs (if available). Seeking alignment with AIAMC strategic plan, informed by the new world Kirkpatrick Model of program evaluation the committee developed five evaluation impact levels. A dashboard mockup of existing activities and data sets by impact level was created to determine areas of overlap and gaps. Cells with missing impact level data were identified, feasible metrics generated and agreed upon (eg, adding item to an existing evaluation form). Archival data from AIAMC’s NI-V and NI-VI evaluation was used to develop proof of concept longitudinal dashboard including a green-yellow-red stoplight approach to facilitate at-a-glance viewing while allowing for deeper data dives as needed. At each stage of development, the plan – from impact levels to proof of concept dashboard - was reviewed by AIAMC Board of Directors.


The program dashboard and metrics across programs fully initiated early 2021 and is reviewed monthly by the AIAMC program committee for formative and summative recommendations to activity leaders. The five levels of impact are: (1) Learner/participant reaction (satisfaction ratings, attendance, change in practice); (2) Alignment with AIAMC Priorities and accreditation guidelines; (3) internal engagement within GME of individuals/groups; (4) Translation to action within our own sponsoring organizations/health care systems (eg, sustain, spread, impact, adoption); and (5) Dissemination beyond or own organizations. New evaluation items/metrics were often associated with levels 3-5 (eg, Level 3: Describe a topic/area/idea that emerged during this activity that you plan to address in your organization; Level 4: We plan to collaborate with other entities within our system on this topic/area/idea).


Through a systematic, stepwise evaluation approach involving key stakeholders at each step, we were able to develop a longitudinal and sustainable data dashboard to inform AIAMC program decisions. Using a combination of measures and recognizing level of impacts vary by program duration/cost, the dashboard provides an easy to use and informative tool to optimize where to invest AIAMC resources to best serve our membership.






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