Aurora Cardiovascular Services, Department of Electrophysiology, Department of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Data Services, Aurora Health Care, Aurora Research Institute

Presentation Notes

Poster presented at: Aurora Scientific Day; May 25, 2016; Milwaukee, WI.


Conclusions: In the Aurora cohort of patients with "transient" LV dysfunction recovered to EF≥40%, characteristics of ICD recipients were similar to prior primary prevention ICD trials. ICD recipients were more likely to have diabetes, and EF improved to a lesser degree and over a longer period. An associated between presence of ICD and better all-cause survival was observed. This difference was driven by a benefit in patients with EF 40-49%.

Our findings suggest: in patients who develop significant LV dysfunction, recovery of LV function to EF>35% does not afford adequate SCD protection, and that ICD therapy may be appropriate and protective in patients with EF improved up to 49%.

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