Persistent right venous valve: insights from multimodality imaging


Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Advocate Children's Hospital


Anatomic variants in the right atrium are under-recognized and under-reported phenomena in cardiac imaging. In the fetus, right atrium serves as a conduit for oxygenated blood to be delivered to the left heart bypassing the right ventricle and the nonfunctional lungs. The anatomy in the fetal right atrium is designed for such purposeful circulation. The right and left venous valves are prominent structures in the fetal heart that direct inferior vena caval flow towards the foramen ovale. These anatomic structures typically regress and the foramen ovale closes after birth. However, the venous valves can persist leading to a range of anatomic, physiological, and pathological consequences in the adult. We describe various presentations of persistent venous valves, focusing on the right venous valve in this illustrated multimodality imaging article.

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