The Park Ridge Center for the Study of Health, Faith, and Ethics explored and enhanced the interaction of health, faith, and ethics through research, education, and consultation to improve the lives of individuals and communities. It was active from 1983-2002.

Bulletin of the Park Ridge Center, 1988, V3 N1, January/February
Bulletin of the Park Ridge Center (1988-1991)
The Center, 1986, V1 N1, January
The Center (1986-1987)
CenterLine, 1992, V1 N1, Fall
e-Ethics, 1999 August
Making the Rounds, 1995, V1 N1, September 11
Making the Rounds
The Park Ridge Center Bulletin, 1997, N1, September/October
The Park Ridge Center Bulletin (1997-2002)
The Anabaptist Tradition: Religious Beliefs and Healthcare Decisions, 2002
Religious Traditions and Healthcare Decisions
Second Opinion (1986-1995)
Second Opinion (1999-2004)
The Challenges of Aging: Retrieving Spiritual Traditions, 1999
Special Topics in Health and Faith