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Scholastic poster presented at: Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Meeting; Minneapolis, MN; April 30-May 4, 2016.


PURPOSE/BACKGROUND: The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) requires physicians and now trainees to complete maintenance of certification (MOC) elements including a Performance in Practice Module (Part IV) for board certification. To meet requirements and address negative perceptions about these requirements (distracting, tedious, unconnected to daily work), we sought to develop an ABFM approved Part IV that was linked to our health care system metrics, evidence-based, and valued!

METHODS: Following adult, on-line learning principles, we designed our Part IV Nutrition module to meet ACGME and ABFM MOC requirements using multiple learning activities: from jeopardy (vitamin supplements for $100) to a music video highlighting glycemic load and food choices.

RESULTS: Module launched: 28 FPs enrolled, 15 completers to date. Strong results at 3 Kirkpatrick levels: Course worksheets 2.8; Value of MOC activities to you/your patients relative to time expended = 2.8 (3=Excellent to 1=poor); all completers reported min 10% achievement in targeted clinical metrics.

CONCLUSIONS: MOC designed applying principles of adult on-line learning, can be successful for physicians, sponsoring organization and ultimately our patients.

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