WO2: “Teaching Tokens” for effective, efficient, and enjoyable clinical precepting


Aurora Sinai Medical Center


Clinical preceptors of medical students often work under significant time constraints, limiting time for teaching and pre-empting participation in formal didactics to learn more efficient teaching techniques. As such, both enjoyment and efficiency in precepting can be negatively affected. We identified a teaching intervention to be used throughout the clinical day itself to positively reinforce effective, efficient precepting techniques. Medical students are provided printed cards, "Teaching Tokens," which contain listed observable precepting techniques. When the student sees a technique performed the medical student gives the card to their preceptor, reinforcing the behavior and empowering the student in the teaching process. In the initial pilot study, we found increased feelings of useful engagement in early clinical learners. Further, the featured teaching techniques were reported as useful reminders or lessons for the preceptors, especially among less experienced preceptors. We are currently expanding the "Teaching Tokens" into a Residents as Teachers curriculum. We hope to observe changes in precepting enjoyment, confidence, and proficiency among the resident participants.

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