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Works from 2021


Combining on-table embolization with immediate resection to safely excise giant hepatic hemangiomas, Ajay V. Maker, Dina Al Rameni, and Naveen Prabhakar (Article)

Works from 2020


BI-RADS 3 (short-interval follow-up) assessment rate at diagnostic mammography: Correlation with recall rates and utilization as a performance benchmark, Kevin Kirshenbaum, Kristin Harris, Jenna Harmon, John Monge, Firas Dabbous, and Yangyang Liu (Article)


Ectopic pregnancy: Vascularity index as a novel diagnostic criterion, Carlos M. Fernandez, Elliot M. Levine, Mai Britt Campbell, Norman A Ginsberg, Imaan Ansari, P Lee, and S Locher (Poster)