Traceability methods for cell line authentication and mycoplasma detection


Advocate Aurora Research Institute Discovery Lab, Aurora Sinai Medical Center


Many laboratories struggle with mycoplasma contamination and cell line misidentification when growing cells in culture. These well-documented issues affect the scientific research community and have detrimental downstream effects. Research published with suspect cultures can produce misleading results. There is increasing pressure to verify the integrity of experimental and established cell lines before publishing. Therefore, laboratories need to define how and when to perform these critical tests, analyze the results, and determine action plans if disparities exist. Our laboratory is committed to producing cell lines of the highest quality for use in experiments; thus, we created a surveillance strategy for these potential problems. We developed processes for both testing and tracing cell line authentication and mycoplasma detection data. Using these methods, we can protect the integrity of our patient and commercial cell lines, maintaining reliable cultures for our research.

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