Volume 2, Issue 11 (2021) Fall 2021

Original Research


Unmet Needs and Social Challenges for Older Adults During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Opportunity to Improve Care
Alyssa Elman, Daniel Baek, Elaine Gottesman, Michael E. Stern, Mary R. Mulcare, Amy Shaw, Morgan Pearman, Michelle Sullivan, Sunday Clark, Timothy F. Platts-Mills, Rahul Sharma, and Tony Rosen

Review Article


Can an Emergency Department Adequately Address an Older Adult who has Complex Needs?
Rami Tarabay, Adam Perry, Riwa Al Aridi, and Michael Malone

Topic Supplement


Caregiver Support in the Emergency Department
Candace Kim, Dawn Butler, and Todd C. James

Collective Wisdom: Editorial


Barriers and Benefits Experienced in Qualitative Geriatric Emergency Care Research during the Covid-19 Era
James D. van Oppen, Emma Regen, Kay Phelps, Timothy J. Coats, Jose M. Valderas, Simon P. Conroy, and Nicola Mackintosh

Journal Club


Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Journal Club: Frailty
Sarah Keene, Rebecca Fisher, and Lauren Cameron-Comasco

Sentinel Paper