Social media coverage of the international society of nephrology world congress of nephrology 2019: exploring novel strategies


Section of Nephrology, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine/Advocate Christ Medical Center


For years, traditional endeavours of dissemination of nephrology concepts to a wider audience evolved in many but was often unidirectional, limiting the contributors to a sleect few and reached only a privileged few who could access content behind paywalls and the dissemination of information was restricted. However, social media (#SoMe) is revolutionizing medical education by using technical advancements and evolving pedagogies that emphasize on learners as co-producers of knowledge and bridge formal and informal learning through multidirectional participation of digital communities at a global level with considerable ease and little cost. Over the past decade, pushed by the end-users popularizing conference content in social media, many medical societies have taken to Twitter to popularize the content of their conferences as well as to spread the scientific content. After initial reluctance, medical societies have allowed unrestricted sharing of presentations and photos, further strengthening the contribution of the end-users in dissemination of knowledge. This has also led to development of various social media tools and resources in nephrology.

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