Solving a problem by insight: a neuropsychological approach


Pediatrics Department: Neurodiagnostics Lab Aurora Health Care


Have you ever had a question in your mind that you want to know the answer to? Or found yourself in an unusual predicament, with no apparent solution before you? These days, most of the time you can just plug the problem into Google, and without a thought, the first result will be your answer, followed by a plethora of other possible solutions. However, before you come to rely too much on the Internet for answers, consider trying to discern the answer for yourself. Critical thinking for problem-solving is an essential skill, one that requires exercise to maintain and refine it, not to do so would put it at risk of atrophy. The brain is a powerhouse of information, with dedicated neural networks for analysis and interpretation that function with exceptional speed and subtlety. Apply your mental faculties in full, and you might be surprised at how much you already know….

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