Tandem short-length multi-stent construct for emergent revascularization of occlusive long-segment left middle cerebral artery in-stent stenosis


Neurological Surgery, Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

Neurology, Advocate BroMenn Medical Center


Endovascular stenting and balloon angioplasty is a feasible although controversial option for intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis refractory to maximize medical management. High rates of symptomatic in-stent restenosis (ISR) have been identified with Wingspan stent (Stryker, Fremont, CA, USA) placement. Revascularization of ISR by way of re-stenting is often attempted, albeit with high risk and low durability. In lesions with long-segment non-focal critical or emergent occluded stenosis, re-stenting with a single balloon mounted stent is not possible due to deliverability of a lengthy device through a tortuous carotid siphon. Tandem drug-eluting stent placement within the middle cerebral artery to address acute, occlusive ISR using a Wingspan stent, with additional stent reconstruction, has not been previously described.

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