The use of sublaminar wiring in the sub-axial cervical spine as an adjuvant to lateral mass and pedicle screw fixation in a patient with metastatic carcinoma of the upper thoracic spine


Neurosurgery, Advocate Health Care

Neurosurgery, Advocate Health Care


A 60-year-old male presented with kyphotic deformity caused by a non-small cell lung cancer metastasis in the cervical-thoracic junction. His pathology caused spinal cord compression and segmental instability. The patient underwent a posterior decompression to try and improve neurological function as well as posterior lateral mass and pedicle screw fixation crossing the cervical-thoracic junction to stabilize his instability. A novel technique incorporating sublaminar wiring across a cross-link was utilized to increase pull out strength of the superior lateral mass screws. Also included is a discussion regarding the safe use of sublaminar wires, the history of posterior cervical and thoracic fusion, and the prevalence of instrumentation failure.

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