Intravenous lidocaine for relief of chronic neuropathic pain


Hyperbaric, Wound Care and IV Therapy departments, Aurora Medical Center Oshkosh


The purpose of this study was to describe the therapeutic effectiveness/pain relief of moderate-dose lidocaine infusions in patients with chronic neuropathic pain. Retrospective reviews of medical records were conducted for 40 patients referred to a midwestern pain clinic for management of intractable neuropathic pain despite use of multiple medications and treatment modalities. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize patients' demographic data, lidocaine dosing and infusion rate, daily opioid intake, adjuvant medication use, and medication allergies and intolerances. Paired samples t test was used to determine significance between preinfusion and postinfusion pain scores. A significant decrease in pain levels (P < .001) after infusion was found.

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