Creation of a palliative care advanced practice registered nurse peer-review process


The mark of a true profession is the ability to self-regulate. As such, advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) are challenged by their professional organisations to participate in self-evaluation and peer review. Peer review is a method for evaluating the care provided by the APRN to both ensure quality nursing care and promote professional growth. Despite guidelines to participate in a formal peer-review process, there is little information within the nursing profession on how to accomplish peer review. A comprehensive literature review failed to provide a framework for peer review that is practice focused, fosters a learning environment and encompasses the thought process and clinical decision-making of the palliative care advanced practice nurse. A group of palliative care APRNs set out to create a process that encompassed the breadth of clinical decision-making in palliative care advanced nursing practice. Using the eight domains of palliative care, a narrative case review structure was created. The resulting process both assisted the APRNs in professional growth and provided timely feedback for the annual performance evaluation.

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