Perceived marginality in veteran and nonveteran nursing students in baccalaureate programs


Background: Veteran nursing students often have difficulty transitioning to campus life. Barriers include issues with admissions, financial support, as well as classroom environments. These barriers often push veterans and their unique needs to the periphery.

Method: The purpose of this descriptive cross-sectional study was to examine mean differences in perceived marginality between veteran and nonveteran nursing students enrolled in baccalaureate programs using the Englund Marginality Index.

Results: Results indicate that veteran nursing students report higher perceived marginality (M = 40.18, SD = 10.68) than nonveteran nursing students (M = 38.82, SD = 9.51); t (1154) =2.09, p = 0.036.

Conclusion: Veteran nursing students in this study demonstrate higher levels of perceived marginalization. Strategies aimed at decreasing attrition and marginalization should be implemented, thus improving the diversity of the nursing workforce.

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