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Podium presentation at: ANCC Magnet/Pathway Conference; October 13, 2022; Philadelphia, PA.


Track (TL, SE, EPP, NK): TL

Purpose of Nursing Initiative (include which conference learning goals are included in your project story): Creating a novel ‘Nursing Research Program Manager (NRPM)’ position integrates quality improvement (QI), evidence-based practice (EBP), and research using the Magnet® culture to optimize performance and plan for long-term impact using transformational leadership.

Describe Nursing Initiative: The Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer (VP/CNO) recognized a need to integrate and coordinate nursing projects, research, and interdisciplinary collaborative efforts. There was a need to support nurses and increase the quality and quantity of the work being done, improve efficiency, and promote positive outcomes for patients and team members. Although the NRPM is at a single site in a 26-hospital system, the position is leveraged to collaborate on system-wide initiatives, councils, and studies.

Implementation Strategies: The VP/CNO and a nursing director developed the position description. The NRPM developed the position by assessing needs and developing key tactics with the VP/CNO and Director. Tactics include being a resource for nursing unit projects (QI/EBP), research studies, and IRB-related information; leading the Magnet®-based Excellence in Career Engagement and Learning (ExCEL) reward/recognition program; supporting Magnet® Ambassadors for each unit; and becoming involved with shared governance at the site and system levels.

Evaluate the Impact/Effectiveness: The NRPM role is a safe, identifiable contact who creates a supportive, productive environment. In the past 2 years since starting, despite pandemic and staffing challenges, the NRPM increased the number of QI/EBP projects from 25 to over 100, has helped disseminate 8 nurse-led projects at regional and national conferences, supported 15 human studies research determinations (five for students), and has helped coordinate several IRB-approved research projects including a random control trial at the site (planned to expand to other sites in the system) and collaboration with one nation-wide study and one system-wide study. In fall 2021, one of four system-wide team project awards were awarded to the hospital (out of 75 nominations) and two of the projects won first place at the system conference out of five categories due to the support from the NRPM position.

Implications for Nursing Practice: The NRPM ensures projects are designed with efficiency and longevity, reducing extraneous “one-off” projects. Designing metric-oriented projects with paper trails facilitates Magnet® document preparation and nurse professional development. Having one individual whose expertise is project design, implementation, IRB processes, and dissemination to help coordinate the complex ecology of Magnet® culture is an incredibly powerful and paradigm-changing opportunity.

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Oral/Podium Presentation




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