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Professional Development poster presented at Nursing Passion: Re-Igniting the Art & Science, Advocate Aurora Health Nursing & Research Conference 2022; November 9, 2022; virtual.


Background: In 2021, Population Health Ambulatory Care Management experienced programmatic growth that allowed for the addition of Master’s Prepared Nurses in the roles of Nursing Professional Development Specialist and Motivational Interviewing Specialist. This group was tasked with identifying areas of professional development and creating a method of professional advancement.

Objective: Exploration and implementation of professional development opportunities within Ambulatory Care Management for mid-career professionals with varied areas of clinical expertise.

Method: Results of annual Learning Needs Assessments and feedback from staff and Leaders were reviewed. It was recognized that areas of greatest clinical need aligned with specialties and certifications within the current team. Nursing Professional Development Specialists, Motivational Interviewing Specialist and Leaders matched topics of interest with staff with related clinical expertise and identified the best-fit method of instruction and delivery.

Results: Ten staff engaged in professional development opportunities related to their area of clinical experience. Education opportunities utilized multiple methods of instruction: Webinar, Case Studies, Clinical Resource Guides, and Expert Consultation. This was inclusive of all categories outlined in Advocate Aurora Health’s Professional Advancement Model: Transformational Leadership, Structural Empowerment, Exemplary Professional Practice, and New Knowledge Innovations and Improvements.

Discussion: Engagement in professional development is related to increased job satisfaction and contributes to improved clinical practice. With the addition of the Nursing Professional Development Specialist and Motivational Interviewing Specialist roles, Population Health Ambulatory Care Management has established a team-member driven, patient-focused method of professional development. This program has allowed engagement of front-line staff in professional development opportunities that utilize their unique skill sets and areas of expertise to meet the learning and clinical practice needs of the department overall. Use of this approach will continue to foster the professional development of individuals, as well as continued education of all staff.

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