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Quality Improvement poster presented at Nursing Passion: Re-Igniting the Art & Science, Advocate Aurora Health Nursing & Research Conference 2022; November 9, 2022; virtual.


Background: The discharge process and delayed discharges in healthcare settings impact the delivery of safe patient care. West 4, an Ortho and Trauma unit, identified the need to safely discharge patients at an earlier time to avoid delays and overcrowding in recovery and emergency rooms.

The purpose is to facilitate the patient discharge process safely, efficiently, and early through the implementation of the Throughput Rounds. The focus on the multi-disciplinary team approach, staff education, and effective communication plays a pivotal role in achieving this important goal.

Local Problem: West 4 had an opportunity to discharge patients in an earlier time resulting to overcrowding in the recovery and emergency rooms. For Q3 of 2021, West 4 had 24 pre-eleven discharges and 23 in Q4.

Method: The implementation of the Throughput Rounds began in Q1 of 2022. The initial meeting among the stakeholders: nursing, care management, social work, nurse manager, physical and occupational therapists, and physician advisor was facilitated to identify discharge barriers and opportunities. A literature review was conducted for best practices prior to implementation. Staff education was provided to cover all the key elements of Throughput Rounds. The quality department monitored the pre-eleven discharge data from Epic.

Results/Conclusions: For the first quarter of 2022, West 4 had a total of 76 pre-eleven discharges. The implementation of Throughput Rounds was successful in increasing pre-11 am discharges in West 4. The study results are summarized in the graph below.

Implications For Practice: The Throughput Rounds promote interdisciplinary relationships and communication among stakeholders, thus, resulting in early patient discharges. Delayed discharges in hospitals contribute substantial health and economic costs to patients and healthcare organizations.

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