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Professional Development podium presentation at Nursing Passion: Re-Igniting the Art & Science, Advocate Aurora Health Nursing & Research Conference 2022; November 9, 2022; virtual.


Background/Introduction: Continuing Education (CE) activities identify gaps designed to improve knowledge, skills, and/or practice. Until May 2022, nurses, physicians, and pharmacists used three CE submission platforms: a siloed and disenfranchised process.

Joint Accreditation (JA) allows organizations to offer CE under one accreditation process (Joint Accreditation, 2022). Creating streamlined processes allows for improved interprofessional reach and patient care outcomes. The interprofessional team leads collaborative efforts promoting and providing interprofessional continuing education (IPCE).

Purpose: A system initiative of providing quality patient care makes IPCE essential. Using IPCE versus a siloed CE approach is a best practice. The interprofessional team collaborated using technology to develop a streamlined CE submission process making IPCE readily available.

Method: The interprofessional team developed a CE Learning Platform (CELP) guided by accreditation standards. Utilizing the CELP, team members submit, register, attend, and claim credit for IPCE. After implementation, Responsible Nurse Planners, both front-line nurses and nurse leaders, received training on requirements and the inclusivity of the platform. A CNE Resource Center is housed on the CELP to assist with submission processes. Each profession collects data on annual activities submitted, including IPCE activities.

Results: JA requires 25% of activities be interprofessional. Prior to the CELP implementation, 4% nursing activities were deemed IPCE. Since May 2022’s CELP implementation, IPCE activities is 27%. Users of the platform have positive feedback stating it is “Easy to use” and “More efficient”.

Conclusion: These results confirm the organizational need to increase IPCE activities. Having a CELP for nurses, physicians, and pharmacists to submit CEs will increase IPCE activities.

Implications for practice: Creating and using a CELP for multiple professions will ensure alignment with system purpose, values, and priorities. The interprofessional team continues advocating for resources supporting IPCE initiatives. JA’s motto is ‘Advancing Healthcare Education by the Team for the Team’, (Joint Accreditation, 2022). If we learn together, it will impact patients positively.

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