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Aurora Sinai Medical Center

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Quality Improvement podium presentation at Nursing Passion: Re-Igniting the Art & Science, Advocate Aurora Health Nursing & Research Conference 2022; November 9, 2022; virtual.


Background: Due to severe national staffing shortages, system and site labor pools were created to support hospital front-line staff during a critical time

Local Problem: Ancillary and clinical departments at the site had significant staffing challenges due to Covid-19 and increased turnover. System labor pool solicited corporate and non-corporate team members to volunteer for open shifts. Site labor pool leaders had independent oversight of labor pool operations

Method: The site sought to provide a comprehensive, supportive approach to engage team members. Based on site needs, two role types were created. Clinical roles supported inpatient departments and non-clinical roles focused on ancillary and clinical departments. An online website was customized, which outlined the role responsibilities, required education, skills checklists, pay incentives, and confirmation of hours worked. The site ensured assimilation using personalized welcome letters, providing way-finding information, and detailing shift requirements. Clinical role team members connected with the system/site Nursing Professional Development Specialist to ensure placement into appropriate roles and departments. A tracker assisted in developing a customized orientation for each clinical role team member. Hospital supervisor collaboration was crucial for the ongoing success of this project. House supervisors assigned team members in appropriate departments and documented team member shift status on the tracker. Leaders rounded daily to validate the process, identify needs, and enhance team member satisfaction.

Results/Conclusions: The site labor pool leaders were invited to a system work group to share best practices, creating the blueprint for the Non-Acute Support – Corporate and Remote Workers (NASCAR) playbook. The NASCAR program brought 7 additional functional nurses to the site and over 200 corporate nurses to sites in need throughout the system. Over five months, 250 team members picked up site shifts, totaling over 5,800 hours.

Implications for Practice: This collaboration and communication process will be replicated for future labor pool implementation and management, applicable to various settings and roles.

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