Professional values and nursing care quality: A descriptive study


Background:Professional values are important in promoting healthy work environments, patient satisfaction, and quality of care. Magnet® hospitals are recognized for excellence in nursing care and as such, understanding the relationship between nurses' values and Magnet status is essential as healthcare organizations seek to improve patient outcomes.

Research question/aim/objectives:The research question is: are there differences in individual values, professional values, and nursing care quality for nurses and nurse managers practicing in Magnet, Magnet journey, and non-Magnet direct patient care settings?

Research design:This descriptive cross-sectional study is guided and informed by the conceptual framework of the Professional Values Model including individual values, professional values, and nursing care quality.

Participants and research context:Convenience sampling of registered nurses and nurse managers, responsible for direct patient care, was utilized in a non-profit healthcare system in the Midwest region of the United States.

Ethical considerations:Institutional review board approval was obtained. Participants were informed about the right to self-determine participation and assurance of anonymity.

Findings:827 (n = 827) nurses and nurse managers responded to the survey. Significant differences were identified in individual values sub-scale: self-enhancement ( p = 0.38), professional values ( p = 0.037), practice environment: participation in hospital affairs ( p = 0.00), foundations for quality care ( p = 0.016), and resources adequacy ( p = 0.012) and in nurse sensitive HCAHPS questions: nurses explained things understandably ( p = 0.00), got help as soon as wanted ( p = 0.00), and treated with courtesy and respect ( p = 0.00).

Discussion/conclusions:Findings indicate that fostering individual and professional values may impact nursing practice, regardless of Magnet designation. Promoting professional values may contribute to improved work environments, enhancing patient satisfaction. Study results offer valuable insights for organizations striving to enhance nursing values, impacting quality of care provided to patients.

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