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Poster presented at 2024 ANPD Aspire Convention; April 9-12, 2024; Chicago, IL.


Our Professional Development Program, ExCEL (Excellence in Career Engagement and Learning) was designed with an inpatient focus. Environmental scanning data validated lack of RN buy-in secondary to inpatient based activities, technical challenges, and ambulatory RN lack of awareness. The program redesign goal was to increase ambulatory RN participation by 10% within 1 year. Collaboration from key stakeholders was imperative to achieve increased ambulatory RN engagement. Focus groups including RNs, leaders, and NPDs assessed and addressed program gaps. Activities were refined to be more inclusive of ambulatory RNs, emphasizing achievable activity opportunities involving evidence-based practice, quality improvement, competency validation, professional development, and patient education development opportunities. Buy-in was created through incorporating innovative and inclusive strategies. Webinars highlighting ExCEL-RNs and leaders; question and answer sessions; an ambulatory SharePoint page; purposeful site rounding; and show-casing ambulatory RNs in social media were strategies implemented. Strategies demonstrated an initial increase, however COVID pandemic priorities created barriers impacting outputs. We utilized this unforeseen barrier as an opportunity to identify COVID related activities for RNs to continue their ExCEL journey. Post COVID stabilization, we partnered with our System and redefined the ExCEL program. Improvements included: updating of the program activities to be more inclusive; and introducing new technology, to create ease of use, real-time changes, and universal access. Through re-marketing strategies, within one year, we increased Ambulatory participation from 72 to 138 (52%) increase.

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