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Poster presented at: Building Bridges Southeastern Wisconsin Nursing Research Conference; April 19, 2024; Milwaukee, WI.


The sky is falling! In effect, this was how subject matter experts in a multi-state organization responded to new or changing policies, procedures, or guidelines (PPGs), often regardless of a nursing-specific impact analysis. Minor PPG changes sometimes led to an over-the-top response such as full-blast marketing campaigns and required learning. Simultaneously, nurses often reported feeling uninformed of critical changes impacting care delivery, while also voicing education overload. The regional Nursing Education and Professional Development (NEPD) team sought a way to provide a consistent standard for determining and providing the right dose of education based on criticality. A review of the literature garnered few tangible solutions, leading to the initiation of a quality improvement project. In partnership with the regional Nursing Practice department, the NEPD team designed a PPG Criticality Tool. The tool teases out the scope and severity of the new/updated organizational PPG, as well as complexity of the associated nursing practice changes. These scores are mapped to an overall criticality score, which leads to a pre-defined set of education interventions. Various nursing practice specialty teams were solicited for testing of the tool, with feedback incorporated. A stakeholder analysis informed a regional rollout communication plan and established process to encourage tool use prior to PPG publishing. A survey embedded in the tool garners immediate usability feedback from the submitter. Three months later, submitters are re-surveyed and asked to retrospectively reflect. Preliminary results indicate 83% of users felt the resulting education plan fully met the education need (17% state “mostly met”). Creating consistency and connecting to criticality has helped PPG authors feel more prepared for implementing their changes, while minimizing the education burden of our nursing teammates. The combination equates to more responsible stewardship of education resources and time.

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