INSIGHT MM: a large, global, prospective, non-interventional, real-world study of patients with multiple myeloma


Aurora Cancer Care, Advocate Aurora Health


With the introduction of new drugs with different mechanisms of action, multiple myeloma (MM) patients' outcomes have improved. However, the efficacy seen in clinical trials is often not seen in real-world settings and data on the effectiveness of MM therapies are needed. INSIGHT MM is a prospective, global, non-interventional, observational study that is enrolling approximately 4200 patients with newly diagnosed or relapsed/refractory MM, making it the largest study of its kind to date. The study aims to describe contemporary, real-world patterns of patient characteristics, clinical disease presentation, therapies chosen, clinical outcomes (response, treatment duration, time-to-next-therapy, progression-free and overall survival), safety, healthcare resource utilization and quality of life. One interim analysis has been conducted to date; current accrual is approximately 3094 patients. Trial registration number: NCT02761187.

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