Therapeutic options for primary meningeal angiosarcoma: A case report


Department of Neuro-Oncology, Aurora Cancer Care


Background: Primary angiosarcoma (AS) of the central nervous system (PACNS) is an extremely rare malignancy. The meninges represent an uncommon site of origin of PACNS. This report describes a recurrent meningeal PACNS treated with surgery, radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and paclitaxel at different stages of the disease.

Case Description: A 36-year-old Asian male presented to our facility with a 4-month history of worsening headaches and complete right homonymous hemianopia. Neuroimaging revealed a left occipital lobe hematome with an underlying left tentorial tumor. After subtotal resection, neuropathological examination revealed features of a malignant endothelial cell AS. He received a course of adjuvant radiation therapy but experienced disease progression. He subsequently received additional stereotactic radiosurgery followed by weekly paclitaxel. Magnetic resonance imaging during the course of treatment revealed stable disease until patient died following another progression of his tumor.

Conclusion: This case of a meningeal PACNS highlights the importance of considering this entity in the face of a malignant lesion presenting with intracranial hemorrhagic activity. Our observations suggest that the use of paclitaxel provided a modest clinical response in PACNS, highlighting the need to consider a combined approach structured mainly on surgery and radiotherapy. Stereotactic radiosurgery appears to be a promising treatment option.

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