Promoting team-based exercise among African American breast cancer survivors


Physical activity benefits the health and well-being of breast cancer survivors (BCS). Yet, many African American survivors do not routinely exercise and have increased risk of poor outcomes. The purpose of this mixed-method study was to identify motivational factors compelling African American BCS to participate in a 14-week team walking program and to intend to continue exercise after the intervention concluded. Focus groups were held with participants ( n = 12) before and after training. Content analysis discovered themes before the intervention: Not wanting to go at it alone, exercise not a life or treatment priority, cancer treatment affected activity, advocates to exercise, and can exercise really help? Four themes postintervention themes included: In the same boat, changed mind-set, improved weight and activity, and overcoming barriers. Physical data verified improvements. Results suggest that a team-based exercise training program may assist in overcoming a sedentary behavior tendency and subsequently improve health among survivors.

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