Alternations of blood pressure before and after OSA surgery


Department of Otolaryngology, Advanced Center for Specialty Care, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the changes of blood pressure (BP) on patients with obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (OSA) before and after upper airway surgery.

DESIGN: Case series with chart review.

SETTING: Tertiary academic medical center.

SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Patients with OSA who underwent upper airway surgery were enrolled. We retrospectively investigated the nighttime and daytime BP before and at least 3 months after OSA surgery. Paired

RESULTS: In total, 176 patients with OSA (149 men, 27 women; mean age, 42.9 years; mean apnea/hypopnea index, 43.1/h) were enrolled in this study. The overall nighttime and daytime BP decreased significantly before and after OSA surgery (daytime systolic BP was reduced from 137.3 ± 14.0 mm Hg to 132.7 ± 17.0 mm Hg,

CONCLUSION: Surgical modifications of the upper airways for patients with OSA could benefit blood pressure.

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