Design and short-term impact of an event to promote careers in clinical pharmacy


Aurora Sinai Medical Center


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: There is a role for local pharmacy organizations to promote clinical pharmacy and increase awareness to both potential and current pharmacy students. The Greater Milwaukee College of Clinical Pharmacy (GMCCP) chapter sought to promote clinical pharmacy amongst current and prospective pharmacy students to increase the knowledge, awareness, and interest in clinical pharmacy.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY AND SETTING: Subcommittee members designed programming to introduce the basics of clinical pharmacy. Students from three schools of pharmacy and more than 40 colleges in the region were invited to the event. Didactic and discussion-based content was developed. Pharmacists from GMCCP were solicited as presenters, along with a current pharmacy student and resident. Participants were asked to complete pre-event and post-event surveys to assess their awareness of and interest in clinical pharmacy. Volunteer pharmacists were also surveyed after the event.

FINDINGS: Twenty-eight individuals attended the event. Nineteen students completed both the pre- and post-survey. The comparison between median score pre- and post-event was analyzed with the Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test. Students' awareness and knowledge of clinical pharmacy improved after attending the event. Students' interest in a career in clinical pharmacy also increased after attending the event. Nine of the thirteen volunteer breakout session pharmacists (69%) responded to the post-event survey. The majority strongly agreed that participants were interested in learning about their area of practice and asked meaningful questions appropriate for their area of practice.

DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS: The Exploring Careers in Clinical Pharmacy event increased awareness of clinical pharmacy career choices available within the profession of pharmacy. Local, regional, and national pharmacy organizations may consider utilizing the diverse talent of their membership and collaborate with colleges of pharmacy or other organizations to impact the knowledge, awareness, and interest in clinical pharmacy as a future career choice for pre-pharmacy and current pharmacy students.

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