Gap analysis of emergency department pharmacy services within a multistate, multihospital integrated health system


Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to identify current emergency medicine pharmacist (EMP) practices at each site and create a plan to integrate, align, and optimize pharmacy services across the health system with established American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) best practices for EMPs.

Summary: Initially, a review was performed of the literature and guidelines from professional organizations relating to EMPs. A survey was distributed across the health system to assess EMP services at each site, and survey results were used to conduct a gap analysis, comparing current practices to established ASHP best practices. The survey identified unique components of each site, including the patient population served and EMP coverage and responsibilities. To prioritize, design, and execute the gap closure plan, a systemwide EMP workgroup was created. The workgroup formulated a toolkit to provide pharmacy leaders, pharmacy informatics, and EMPs resources to facilitate alignment on the prioritized areas.

Conclusion: This project successfully identified gaps in EMP services and alignment with best practices across the health system. Through prioritization of essential EMP responsibilities, workflow standardization, and EHR optimization, a gap closure plan was formulated to align with ASHP best practices.

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