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Works from 2021


Testing the Child PROMIS physical activity measurement in youth attending a large community event, Mary C Hooke, Jessie Neumann, and Carole A Tucker (Article)


The Role of Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy on Pain Reduction With Peroneus Longus Tendinitis, Austin Chinn, Yelena Boumendjel, and John Grady (Poster)

Works from 2020


Team triathlon effects on physiological, psychological, and immunological measures in women breast cancer survivors, Judy A. Tjoe, Linda B Piacentine, Paula E Papanek, Hershel Raff, John Richards, April L Harkins, Jun Yin, and Alexander V Ng (Article)

Works from 2019


Outcomes of an interdisciplinary work rehabilitation program, Mitchell R. Voss, Jennifer K. Homa, Maharaj Singh, Jennifer A. Seidl, and Wesley E. Griffitt (Article)

Works from 2016

Obese employee participation patterns in a wellness program, Jennifer T. Fink, David R. Smith, Maharaj Singh, Doug M Ihrke, and Ron A. Cisler (Article)

Survivors speak: a qualitative analysis of motivational factors influencing breast cancer survivors' participation in a sprint distance triathlon, Karen M Robinson, Linda B Piacentine, Leslie J. Waltke, Alexander V Ng, and Judy A. Tjoe (Article)


The efficacy of work specialty rehabilitation programs for the injured worker, Mitchell R. Voss, Jennifer K. Homa, Maharaj Singh, Jennifer A. Seidl, and Wesley E. Griffitt (Poster)

Two-year outcomes from a randomized controlled trial of minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion vs. non-surgical management for sacroiliac joint dysfunction, David W Polly, John Swofford, Peter G Whang, Clay J Frank, John A Glaser, Robert P. Limoni, Daniel J Cher, Kathryn D Wine, and Jonathan N Sembrano (Article)

Works from 2015

Effects of hospital-based physical therapy on hospital discharge outcomes among hospitalized older adults with community-acquired pneumonia and declining physical function, Sun Jung Kim, Joo Hun Lee, Boram Han, Julia Lam, Elizabeth Bukowy, Avinash Rao, Jordan Vulcano, Anelia Andreeva, Heather Bertelson, Hyun Phil Shin, and Ji Won Yoo (Article)

Works from 2014


An Overview of Cancer Rehabilitation and Exercise in the Literature: Promoting Increased Referrals to Improve Oncology Outcomes, Leslie J. Waltke (Review)

Cardiac rehabilitation enrollment among referred patients: patient and organizational factors, Karam I. Turk-Adawi, Neil B. Oldridge, Sergey S. Tarima, William B. Stason, and Donald S. Shepard (Article)

“Surgery-chemotherapy-radiation, followed by a different kind of triathlon”: medically directed group exercise program is unique and effective among overweight and obese breast cancer survivors, Judy A. Tjoe, Leslie J. Waltke, Ashley A. Engel, Alyson N. Cybulski, Karen Robinson, Linda B. Piacentine, Paula E. Papanek, and Alexander V. Ng (Abstract)

The management of intractable pain with adjuvant pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, Scott T. Hardin, Nicole Kubat, and Jocelyn Acompanado (Case Report)

The use of guided mental imagery for patients receiving knee or hip replacement surgery, Maharaj Singh, Laura Kohler, Joseph Davies, and Kristen Reynolds (Abstract)